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Buffalo Wings
Stone Oak
Game#1 - 7:00pm
Game#2 - 9:00pm
4th Quarter
Sports Bar
Game#1 - 9:00pm
Game#2 - 11:00pm
The Lost
Bar & Grill
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Game#1 - 2:00pm
Game#2 - 4:00pm
Game#1 - 3:00pm
Game#2 - 5:00pm
Weekly M.E.T. Leaders
Just Like Vegas Casino Parties in San Antonio, Austin, & Corpus Christi
PLP is not a gambling league or online gambling website. We are simply a social
club that plays legal poker games in safe,
fun, & friendly public environments. All
games are free and there is never a buy
in or forced rebuys.

Click here to view the Texas Alcohol & Beverage Commission official site
concerning freeroll poker tournaments.
PLP follows Texas Penal Codes.
We DO NOT break the law!
Premiere League Poker
The #1 Free Poker Social Club in San Antonio, TX
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anytime by email in Players.
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Results are from Week Ending 2/6
Welcome to Premiere League Poker Entertainment. Our company
provides live tournament action in safe, fun, & friendly environments
suited to today's poker player. We select only the most comfortable
venues with the latest amenities to enhance your poker playing
experience. Our Tournament Directors are friendly, knowledgeable,
and eager to help you develop poker skills to your desired level.

Most of this site is interactive with you, the player! Please browse
every part of this site as we update most of it on a weekly basis -
including your current standing towards the next Main Event.
And don't worry, no matter where you play around the city, your
stacks will combine with all players from around the league.

We invite you to join us. There is no fee. Simply show up & look
for the Director. You can meet our friendly staff here in About.
Erika  $225.00
Leo $125.00
Johnathan $75.00
Mark F. 28k
Overall Chip Leader - Ace
Top Male Player - King
Top Female Player - Queen
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It's in the Cards
Happy Valentine's Day Weekend - Bonus for all Couples Friday-Sunday!!
Premiere League Poker is the #1 Free Poker Social Club in San Antonio
Weekend Edition: Friday February 12, 2016 - Sunday February 14, 2016 (No Update Until Monday)
All-Star Sat/Sun
Double Week
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Nightly Winners
Douglas H. 18k
Erika T. 23k
Main Event Winners
Pics from the Main Events here
Event#1601: 2016 Poker Kickoff
January 31, 2016 - Lost Bar & Grill
$625.00 Guaranteed - TOP 9 Cash
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NEW: Ice Lounge Nightclub adds
Tuesdays starting 2/9! 8 & 10pm
Next Main Event is Sunday Feb.
21st. at Venue TBD. Starts 5pm
You control how much you start
the Main Events, so play often!
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MET is updated thru Feb. 11
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Players need a Minimum 5k
in chips to play the next Main
Event scheduled Sun Feb.21
Unused Gift Cards may be
redeemed for a bonus at the
Main Event. Limit 1 per play-
er. Offer is good only on Gift
Cards issued within 30 days
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Special Bonus Promotion - Website Secret Scavenger Hunt: 2/10-2/12
Have you looked through our newly updated website? All pages are now complete. To encourage you to take a tour
we have hidden 5 seperate cards throughout the website on different pages. See if you can find all 5 then tell your
director Wednesday (new cards Thursday & Friday too) what the 5 card hand is for a bonus 5k to start. But be sure
not to say it too loud. This is just for those who go on the hunt. You don't want others getting your bonus too do you?
Premiere League Poker is the #1 Free Poker Social Club in San Antonio
Double Week
It's in the Cards
4th Quarter
Sports Bar
Game#1 - 9:00pm
Game#2 - 11:00pm
All-Star Sat/Sun
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Special Bonus Promotion - Valentine's Weekend Couples Bonus: 2/12-2/14
Happy Valentine's Day! Bring your Love to any game Friday thru Sunday and you both get a 10k Bonus to start.
You must be an Official Couple in the eyes of PLP! This Friday you will also get 2-for-1 Sign-Outs each game.
Ice Lounge
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Venue Lineup
Bonus Information
See your Director with any questions
Game#1 - 8:00pm
Game#2 - 10:00pm
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Special Bonus Promotion - 2016 NBA All-Star Weekend Gear Bonus: 2/13-2/14
NBA's great play this Weekend in Toronto! Wear ANY NBA Gear this weekend ONLY and get a 5k gear bonus to
start all games Saturday and Sunday only. Your director will have the final say. See director for complete details.