Lost Bar & Grill
6:00pm & 8:00pm
Loyalty Week Begins
Extra 2k per venue played
TOP 6 W&YI Seats all 2X
Buffalo Wings
7:00pm & 9:00pm
Loyalty Week Begins
Extra 2k per venue played
TOP 6 W&YI Seats all 2X
Papa's Bar
6:00pm & 8:00pm
Double W&YI Seats
Double Stacks each game
2 Nights Left at venue
8:00pm & 10:00pm
Double W&YI Seats
Double Stacks each game
College ID Bonus ONLY
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Premiere League Poker
Free Poker In San Antonio
September 15, 2014
We really
you playing
Not so elite
this week,
but that's ok
Top overall/male/female last week
Top 5 Make $$$ - ELITE Week
Event Winner
BK Buske
Event #1435 - 9/14/14
Mine Shaft Saloon
$235.00 Cash
Edward Rodriguez
Event #1435 - 9/14/14
Mine Shaft Saloon
$135.00 Cash
3rd Place
Joe Carvajal
Event #1435 - 9/14/14
Mine Shaft Saloon
$110.00 Cash
Pics from the Main Events here
An awards
like no other
Questions? Please contact us
anytime by email in Players.
More than cards...Entertainment
email alert
Play the Right Way
Stephanie Gilbert
Joe Carvajal
Dinah Riddle
So BK walks
into a bar...
and wins!!!
Click venue name for directions
Click venue name for directions
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+ Team Poker Finals begin next week!!!
logo bonus
+ Come celebrate the End of an Era this
+ week at Papa's: Tues & Thurs 6 & 8pm
Pics of Nightly Winners for the entire month of August here
Friends at the table. Friends for life!
Its that feel good time of year! Come play with your buds tonight
+ Hand of the Night: Players Choice 15k
+ Thank you to all the players who came
+ out to Mine Shaft on Sunday. And don't
+ worry you're all Elite players in our book.
+ The PLP Award Show is coming soon
+ Get ready to nominate you favorites in
+ several fun categories in a few weeks!
+ To make up for our stinginess with the
+ seats last week, there's lots this week!
Team Poker Schedule Rd#1 Here
+ Play 7 games this week and earn back
+ 25% Rounder payback bonus at Main
+ Just a reminder that your director has
+ the final say on matters at your game.
+ Earn extra Loyalty all week towards the
+ next Main Event! Sun-Weds get 2k per
+ venue played, then 3k Thurs-Saturday!
Best of 3 Series
Mon Sept 15

+ Your NFL Team playing today? Put on
+ that jersey, shirt, hat for 5k at check-in
Best of 3 Series
Its that feel good time of year! Come play with your buds tonight
+ Yeah there's a lot know about PLP. To
+ help, we are making a list of all bonus
+ info and terms used. List coming soon
+ Rule update: Betting out of turn will no
+ longer make you take the same action
+ Military, teacher, government workers
+ get 5k, plus ALL W&YI seats 2X today