We are so excited to announce that beginning this Summer at Premiere League Poker, players will have something
new to strive for. The Grand Prize at our Main Event tournaments will be your choice of travel package to several
destinations worldwide. This is a first in our industry and we are pleased to be able to provide you this prize to so
many of you who support the Best Freeroll Social Poker Club in South Texas!
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Cancun, Vegas, Carnival Cruise, or Your Choice Adventure!
Where Do You Want To Go?
Players can Qualify for a seat to the Main Event in one of three ways:
  • Win & You're In - Take first at any game and you are automatically in with 5k in chips to start.
  • Build Up - Sign Out in any combination nightly to increase your starting stack past the minimum 5k.
  • Play at least 5 nights - Grab a seat to the Main Event by coming to 5 games in the qualifying period.
There are basically 4 packages for the winner of the Main Event to choose from. Upon receipt, please read the
terms and conditions in your Travel Packet thoroughly to ensure that completing and registering your selection
goes smoothly. Travel subject to availability of dates. Recepient is responsible for registration/booking fees and
taxes per person. Unless included in your package selection, costs for travel to the destination are not covered.
From riches to ruins, Cancun has it all. Cancun's beautiful white sand beaches and turquoise waters must be
seen to be fully appreciated. As for vacation amenities, Cancun offers an exotic, tropical, island setting buoyed
by modern comforts and conveniences. Shopping is top notch, and your dining options are virtually endless as
Cancun provides access to Mexican specialties or international fare.
You'll find that action is everywhere in Las Vegas. Gamblers defy reason in their attempt to seduce the goddess
of chance, while on-stage extravaganzas manipulate reality with mind-bending special effects. Even a meal can
be an adventure, whether an all-you-can eat buffet, or a house of haute cuisine that you wouldn't expect to find
in the Nevada Desert.
Carnival Cruise Line's ships are renowned for providing their guests with fantastic vacations and years of incre-
dible memories. With a huge variety of on-board activities and entertainment options, do as much or as little as
you want aboard your cruise. Bon Voyage!
Explore your own backyard or get away to the far corners of the Earth. Whether you choose the rolling hills of
Tennessee or a safari in South Africa, the Choice Adventures collection provides you the choice of vacation
experiences that are bound to suit your tastes.
Four night all-inclusive accommodations for two in Cancun
Two night accommodations for two in Las Vegas including Airfare from San Antonio
Four night Carnival Cruise for two to one of the following:
  • Western Caribbean Cruise: Miami to Key West and Cozumel
  • Bahamas Cruise: Port Canaveral to Freeport and Nassau
  • Baja Mexico Cruise: Long Beach to Catalina and Ensenada
Seven night accommodations for two at select destinations worldwide
Upgrades to these packages are available. Please see Mark or speak to your Director for complete details.
1st Place at the Main goes home with the Grand Prize and CASH or has the choice of 2nd Place CASH without
the Grand Prize. Click on Players for more information on our Big Jackpot Main Events! Note: Our Main Events
will typically run every 2 weeks but may move to 3 or 4 weeks for special occasions and to increase the Jackpot!