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Premiere League Poker is the #1 Free Poker Social Club in San Antonio
Red Rank = Not Qualified
Green Rank = Qualified Player
Black Rank = MET Leader
San Antonio Poker
Our tournaments are governed under WSOP rules &
regulations for Texas Hold'em poker. Please follow all
instructions and respect your director's final decision.
Be on the lookout for Bonus Sign Outs and 2X Sign
Outs at certain venues. See LearnPLP for more info.
Place 1st and earn 1st Place Prize PLUS 5,000 Chips
towards your Monthly Grand Starting Stack in the MET
General Questions and other Infomation:
Got a Charity Event or Private Party:
Interested in joining our venue family:
Questions concerning MET and chip stacks:
PLP Gear orders/product availability:
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Leader's Starting Stack
Average Starting Stack
MET Last Updated On
Current Chip Leader
Total Players Qualified (Min.10k)
Total Chips Estimated in
Play At Main Event Start
65,000 chips
23,300 chips
Sunday 9/23 @ 2:27pm
Elvis Cuprum
44 players
NO Rabbit Hunting! Blinds are timed and this wastes
unnecessary seconds. Pay attention to the action at
the table when its your turn.
Cell phone use at the table is permitted assuming it is
kept brief and does not interfere with your hand if you
are live. You are free to leave the table at any time.
Unauthorized solicitation at PLP is strictly prohibited
including scouting and mining players for other games.
Violators will be escorted out immediately and may be
banned from PLP. Please respect our player's privacy.
Should a situation arise, please stop play and ask your
tournament director to help resolve the issue. Allow the
dealer to explain first and remain calm. Its Free Poker!
Please email us above or in the About section with any
questions, comments, or suggestions.
The dealer is responsible for the action of the current
hand. If needed only he/she should explain to director.
Click here for more rules regarding PLP player conduct
Players are encouraged to contact their AD or director to report any cheating, collusion, rule violations, or any other issues. These actions negatively affect everyone.
Copyright © 2010-2018 Premiere League Poker Entertainment Co. & Premiere Entertainment of Texas - All rights reserved ®
RULE UPDATES AND REMINDERS - Effective March 1, 2017
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The #1 Free Poker Social Club in San Antonio, TX
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Saturday 9/22
Player Standings
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Saturday 9/22
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FAQs click here
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Place 2nd and earn 2nd Place Prize PLUS 5,000 Chips
towards your Monthly Grand Starting Stack in the MET
Place 3rd and earn 5,000 Chips towards your Monthly
Grand Starting Stack in the MET